Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Project

I have recently been hunting around
for a sweet alphabet design
to do a triangle banner for my Niece (Monique).
She's 6 and loves all things pink,
purple, frilly and girly!!


 I have finally got all my pieces
together to start my project!!

I'm pretty sure I've spoken about it before,
but have not been happy that I

had it all together ready to start.

I wanted to make a banner with my

Niece's name on it for her birthday.
But I couldn't find a nice alphabet!!

Until Jenny of Elefantz released
her Rosedaisy Alphabet!!

I have chosen my fabrics....

I know it looks yellow, but it's actually

a nice tone on tone cream and a bright pink!!

Monique looooves pink.

I have traced out and ironed on my vliesofix....

I have made my Pennant template,
and done my maths......

Now it's time to trace out all of my pennants,
and start to assemble this so
I can begin on the stitcheries...
After all, this does have a time frame!!!!
It must be ready for September!!!

I have high hopes for this project.....
In my mind it's a masterpiece!!!!!
Lets see how that translates to finished project???

Hoping you all have your fingers crossed
that I can pull this one off!!!!!!!

Hugs and Kisses
Barb :)