Things I Have Made

It's A Girl
Here are some of the cutest booties!
I made them for a friend who was expecting a baby girl!
Even though I don't have children,
 I couldn't resist making myself a pair to keep.
They are a little bit fiddly (only because they are made for such small feet),
but it gets so exciting as they start to take shape that you soon forget.
Pattern is from "Curby's Closet - Quilted Baby's Shoes"
Very easy pattern and good instructions.

A Birthday Surprise In The Mail
Here is a cute little bag I made for my Mum's Birthday one year while I was living out of town.
We were only able to catch up when I had Three of four days off in a row,
which was usually after night shifts. So I would go back to the staff quarters,
have a three hour nap and then drive down from the Atherton Tablelands to Townsville.
So I wanted to make something special for not being around that year.

Needless to say, the bag was received well!!
I only wish I had made it a bit bigger, but , oh well.
This is the pattern I used, as you can see I made the small bag.
It was a great pattern to buy because you get three different bags!
Thanks Calico Farm Designs!!!


Where's all my stuff???

I was a little disturbed when I started this blog page called "Things I have made"
I couldn't find anything!!! Where is all the stuff that I've made???
I've been stitching and sewing for a few years now and apparently have nothing to show for it!!!!
Until you start to tidy up and you touch that cushion...oh yes! I made that!!! And that!! And that!!
It's all around me, but I'm so used to seeing it that I forgot it was all there!
So I have been productive!!!
Here's a few more :)

When I was younger my Mum and I used to flick through the big pattern books in Spotlight looking for shirt or shorts patterns etc. One day I came across the craft section in a McCall's book and spotted this wonderful looking Rooster!!
I had to have him!
He looked so strong and proud.

I got to work collecting different scraps of check material,
and went about making my own...

Mr Sedrick Rooster!! 

I was house sitting for a lady in Atherton and they had three small children,
 who had named all of their 8 chickens.
So while I was there I broke out the laboratory,
and cloned another Mr Rooster and left him there as a surprise.
Never did get to know how he was received, but I'm sure they gave him a good home.
AND, he had 8 chickens to himself.....what's not to love about that!!!


Joining my Farmyard collection is Ms Celeste La Mucca.

She comes from the "Whiskers and Wings" farm
She enjoys long walks in the field, sunset milking's,
 and has been seen chatting with Mr Rooster behind the shed!!
How scandalous!!!!!

Couldn't resist having a little fun :)



  1. Love the animals, and the story that goes with them.

  2. I love Ms Celeste La Muca. She has such a great expression as she looks out at us.

  3. Totally, TOTALLY love Sedrick. Be still my beating heart....

  4. We do forget about all those pretties we have made, don't we. A whole lot of gorgeousness created by you in this post. Those wee little shoes are adorable, as is the lovely bag. Ms Celeste La Mucca is so cute.