Saturday, September 20, 2014

M is for Monique!!!! is done!!!!
I just had to share my relief with you!

Stitched and pinned together......

Digging through the stash...... 

Choosing the embellishments....

Trying on the elements..... 

And finally putting them all together!!!!!


We are done!

The flowers and beads come off as one
piece for easy washing of the banner. 

It seemed like a long journey, but well worth the effort.

The last step will be presentation and installation!!
But that's for another day!

I hope it's treasured because
there will not be another!!!!
That warning will be whispered into a
little ear during the presentation,
he he he....

And not to forget, a very special thank you to
for her glorious Alphabet!!!

See you all later!

Hugs N Kisses
Barb :)