Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Favourite Accessory

Many years ago I came across one of these DMC travel bags
in a store with a DMC display.
I thought it was a good idea for keeping my threads tidy.
Well, I bought one and have never looked back.
Now I have three!!!!

  •  1: as a "current project bag" which has all the threads required for the stitchery I'm doing,
  •  2: for all my other colors that I have, 
  •  3: for metallic and variegated threads.

I also keep a DMC color reference chart,
to substitute colors for ones that I already have instead of going and buying more.

They make it soooooo easy to find the color that you want
or what's close enough to the color you want.
And they zip up all the way around so you don't lose anything!

No. I'm not being sponsored or supported by DMC. Just really love this idea!

What's your favorite accessory??

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Have Animals Everywhere!!!!

My good friend on Facebook Heather Smith
 showed a picture of a mouse in her garden (below),
which I commented: "Quick Catch it for me!!"

Photo: Look what I found lurking in a pot outside!

The naughty little thing hitched a ride in by bag while I was over visiting her,
Since it has decided to re-home itself,
I thought it might like a posy with a view of the fish tank.
Can you believe it???

A special thank you and big hugs to Heather
 for letting me share her little friends :)

Sometimes I Wonder Why I Make The Bed!!!

I think someone wanted to sleep-in!!!!
The problem is that he doesn't straighten up the bed when he gets out.
That's IF he ever gets out!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

What I'm working on at present.

Some months ago I started stitching my very own Flat Nat
from "Cinderberry Stitches" by Natalie Lymer.
I have always loved their projects! They are fun designs,
with lovely bright girly colors.
I very subtly (like a sledge hammer)
hinted to my Mum that I'd love that pattern for my Birthday,
and HEY PRESTO!!!! There it was!
What a great Mum :)
As you might notice there are two pictures when I only need one....
That's because my Niece decided that she also liked this picture
and that she would like one too please.
Well how could I say no.
Then came the instructions!!!!!!
Hers has to be pink and purple, and she likes bags thanks.
Hmmmm...... ok.
So here I am, all but the legs and shoes to go before sewing them all up.
Lets hope the sewing up part is the easy bit :)

Hello everyone!!

Hope you are all well :)
My very first entry of what I hope to be many. I am hoping to share the up's and down's of my journey with you all. You are welcome to converse with me or just have a peek at what I'm up to. This blog will be a crafting journey but will also contain some of my life's tribulations.
Hope to chat with you soon :)