Saturday, January 25, 2014

What I'm working on at present.

Some months ago I started stitching my very own Flat Nat
from "Cinderberry Stitches" by Natalie Lymer.
I have always loved their projects! They are fun designs,
with lovely bright girly colors.
I very subtly (like a sledge hammer)
hinted to my Mum that I'd love that pattern for my Birthday,
and HEY PRESTO!!!! There it was!
What a great Mum :)
As you might notice there are two pictures when I only need one....
That's because my Niece decided that she also liked this picture
and that she would like one too please.
Well how could I say no.
Then came the instructions!!!!!!
Hers has to be pink and purple, and she likes bags thanks.
Hmmmm...... ok.
So here I am, all but the legs and shoes to go before sewing them all up.
Lets hope the sewing up part is the easy bit :)


  1. Nice work on the flat Nats! I am sure Mo will love her bag.

  2. Loving these. Hope I get to see it finished - hint hint. ;-)