Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just me and my footprints.....

Hi there...
Had a bad week this week.
I found out that a friend of mine had passed away,
and his funeral was Tuesday.
I felt very sad last night and this morning
so I decided to take myself off to the beach
 to try and contemplate and recharge.

I have always really loved the beach.
There's something about the water and the waves.

So I headed down to my Favorite haunt.

And it was perfect!!!
I had the place to myself.

Here's a picture of my footprints.
I took great pleasure in splashing the
water as I walking the shore line.

Like the crazy person I am I started to chuckle
cause if there had of been any company
I would have splashed them for sure!!!

I was definitely in the mood for a splash fight!

 Lots of interesting stuff to poke, like seaweed,
lots of shells and a few awesome bits of driftwood.

A cool looking black shell??


 Lucky for me, the tide was going out,
so I was able to cross the creek
and walk along the more secluded part.

I had a little look through the sandy mangrove part.
It was a bit creepy....
Eyes alert and open for any snapping handbags!!

And there I found the perfect log to perch.
It is a lovely tranquil spot!!

I was sitting there and some movement caught my eye.
Looking up I saw one of my favorite birds!!!!
I think It's an Azure kingfisher!!
And the closer I looked I noticed there were two!
Really hard to see their colors, they were turned away from me.
But, oh well, still pretty to watch.

Eventually I got up and continued my walk.

I did a good job at pestering the little crabs that
make these wonderful tapestries of sand balls along the beach.

Had a bit of a joke with myself!!!!

Couldn't help myself and tried to
take a picture of the glitter in the sand.

I do love some sparkle!!!!!

By the end of it, I felt a little better about everything.
And decided to do a little tribute in the sand for my friend.
May he rest in peace.

So here's my pic of the pic's.

Couldn't decide, so you get two!!!

And now I'm noticing I have that
 "You've been in the sun" glow to my face :)

Ciao for now.


  1. What a beautiful tribute...and the solitude of the beach was indeed the Lord's hand, giving you space, beauty, and peace. xxx

  2. What a lovely thing to do for your friend. I also loved the beach and treasured the days I was alone or mostly alone to walk and yes splash too.

  3. So sorry about your friend but what a beautiful place to go and contemplate. Lovely photographs. xx

  4. Barb, I'm sorry to read about your friend... it's so important to look after yourself when emotions are high, & you've done a very good thing by getting outside & being part of nature.
    I love the beach too - it's a great place to spend time & get my head straight!

  5. Being near water is calming, sorry to hear about your friend passing away.
    Lovely pics.
    Regards, Anita.

  6. Fantastic place and photos:) Have a lovely day:)