Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Down by the river.....

Running down through the middle of Townsville is the Ross River.

It has many attractions for people including
guided boat tours, water sports areas,
an art gallery at the Dam, bird watching
and also lots of walking tracks.

This section of the river bank is called Loam Island.
The Local council put a lot of work into making
this area accessible and safe for people to utilize.

And a wonderful job they have achieved!!!!

I used to rent a house across the road from here
and spent many afternoons and weekends strolling
along the river, thinking wistful thoughts and watching the turtles.

I remember one day I went for a swim and
there was a small bunch of aboriginal kids
digging for muscles in the river bed floor,
so I was taught how to do it and joined in.

I found four muscles!!!!!!

It's such a lovely stretch of river.
I have always loved the giant old
paper bark trees that over hang the bank.
It's like they know your need for solitude
and oblige by providing sheer leafy curtains to
shield you in a cool earthy embrace. 
It truly is a special area.

There are heaps of water lilies and
masses of dragon flies that compete for landing privileges.
They move too quick for me to get a picture!!

There are also lots of turtles!!!
I saw heaps, but couldn't manage to get close enough for a picture!!
Even after sitting really still on the gravel path for 30 minutes.

I know they are there cause I could
see their heads pop up and look at me.
Distrusting little buggers!!!

I must be a slow learner.....
Still didn't bring bread!!!!

This part here is my favorite spot.
It's a paper bark tree alley
and it leads right up to a bird observation deck!!

On the left is the river, and on the right the council
is still regenerating the habitat by
replanting natives and culling weeds.
It is also a habitat for wild bush turkeys.
And no wonder with all these wild figs around!!

On my way out of the walk I spotted a group
of hard working council men taking a much deserved break.
I tried to get them to wave but I think they
might have thought I was being sarcastic.
They do cop a hard time,
but I think they do a wonderful job.
I appreciate all the hard and sometimes
very dirty work that they do for our (the communities) benefit.

So without boring you too much....

Here's my pic of the day....

Until my next adventure

Ciao for now
Barb :)

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  1. Beautiful photos and tour. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your country with us folks in Blogdom.