Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Lovely stroll....and a few kisses!!

I'm currently on some long awaited holidays
and I have made myself a list of projects that
I would like to accomplish during this time.

However, some of those "things to do" are actually
things like giving myself time to enjoy what's on my doorstep.
There are lots of places around my town that
I drive past all the time and rarely stop in,
even though I know they hold beauty and wonder.

Today I chose to explore one of the parks
that I haven't been to in almost three years!!! 
This is a small part (but my favorite part of)
Anderson Park.

Smack bang in the middle of the park is a large man made lake.
There is always lots of bird life there as well as my favorite water lily.
The Lotus!!

All the way around there were Native Magpie Geese.
I know it's hard to see but this one is a mother
and baby cuddling together on the edge of the lake.

Everywhere I looked there were
Lotus flowers budding, blooming, and seeding.
I saw many ducks attacking and eating the seeds.

This fellow was sitting under the trees when I arrived,
but decided to come down to the
waters edge and give me a guided tour.
He proceeded to whisper and titter the whole way around!!
I think he is the result of someone "releasing"
their domestic animals in the park.
Tut tut.

He was nice company and stayed by my side,
but every time I turned around it seemed like
the crowd of followers was gathering!!!

There were a few domestic ducks,
lots of wild Magpie Geese minding everyone else's business!!!

Some sweet Pacific Black ducks!! 

And another sweet native called a Plumed Whistling-Duck.
They are all truly gorgeous up close!!!!

I was about half of the way around the park
when my friend was getting very amorous!!

I think he thought that every time I put my camera
 to my face I was eating something and not sharing.

He started getting a bit insistent that I give him some of that stuff!!!!
He never spoke rudely, but started nipping me
on the legs and shoes whenever I held the camera up.

It was then that I noticed a close honking in the background
 and turned around to find 10 plus birds politely asking....

What ever he's getting... can we get some too???

They had all walked about 100 meters from where we started.

I had to get out of there and do a bit of crowd control.
I also now need to explain all the little love bites
which have left bruises on my lower legs!!!! 

I headed over to the Pandanus palms.
They always look so interesting,
and I especially love to look at them from the inside, out.

And I love the weird shapes their "prop roots" make.
That's what I discovered they are called!!!

I was crouching down taking this shot when I saw these two!!!
Frozen in position!!! 
Our wonderful Bush Stone Curlew.
I was almost right on top of them.
They were doing their best Durasik Park 
"Don't move!!!"
"They hunt by sight, and if you don't move they can't see you!!!!!"

So I took my shot and left the poor little guys alone :)
They do make me laugh :)

Well...that seems about it for the park.

I had a wonderful time there!!
And took 60 odd pics!
Here's my photo pic of the day.

Hope you like it!!

Until my next adventure...



  1. Gorgeous piccy's and very entertaining ! Must go there and see these resident parkies! Do you mean Jurassic Park??? LOL! You make me laugh!

  2. Beautiful!! I will have to visit Anderson park - but I'll take Mr E as my body guard. ;-)

  3. Thank you fo taking me to thepark...lucky for me, I escaped the gang.

  4. Definitely a lovely stroll - and some great photographs. It is amazing what wonders are on our doorsteps that we never bother to visit isn't it. xx

  5. a very lovely stroll. Great photo's. Hugs,xx