Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Favourite Breakfast

I don't know what it's called,
but for as long as I can remember
my Dad has made (and shared) this delightful eggie mess!!!!!

He never minded us putting our forks in for a dip (I think).
I don't know where I get it from,
because I'm almost on guard with my food!!!!!

It starts with toast cut into cubes.

Then you soft boil some eggs....

Burn your fingers doing this!

And smash up your eggs!!
I usually like my eggs with a bit of runny yoke,
but I got the timer wrong today.

Season with whatever you like.
I love Tomato and Worcestershire sauce,
my Nonno always called them the 
King and Queen of the table!!!!

Then mix in your toasty croutons
 to soak up all the creamy eggie juices!!

I think every time I make this I smile as I do it!!
Instant memories.
Some of my fondest memories are around food,
I guess that's bound to happen when you have Italian heritage!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend!!!

Hugs n Kisses
Barb :)


  1. sounds yummy Barb,thankyou for sharing and hope you have a safe and happy easter.xx

  2. Hey that looks interesting, maybe you could make it when next we catch up, would love to try. Have a great Easter with your family.

  3. OMG Barb...I eat that too! We soft boil the eggs and smush them all up in a soup bowl, then add the cut up buttered toast, salt and pepper. I come from an Italian heritage as well!...Now I think I'll run down to the kitchen and fix myself some for breakfast! xoxo