Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What I got up to today...

I have planted 6 little Zucchini plants and will hopefully
be supplying the whole family with zucchinis!!! 
Last time I planted two and got a wonderful crop,
so I am hoping for a repeat performance!!

I also did a bit of clearing and uncovered
my little family of Bunnies as well! 

I had to be careful where I was sticking the loppers
because a white whiskery face kept
appearing in the foliage!!

I'm sure he was saying
"I don't know what you're looking for, I'm right here!!!!!
You should be paying attention to me!!"

Despite my advise someone else also decided
to do some digging and planting as well!!!!!

Out in the garden there are still
some plants blooming :)

I also combined some of my
aloe's for a mixed pot.

 After all that work,
Basil was tired and had to rest.
I must admit I was ready for a break as well!!
Even though it's still coolish at night,
the days in Townsville are starting to warming up
especially with both of us digging holes in the sun!!!
  Approved or not!!

Well, that was my Thursday....
How was yours?

Cheers for now
Barb :)


  1. What a lazy bones! Can't wait to see the crop of zucchini....yum yum!

  2. Your garden is lovely....At first glance I thought the bunnies were real. Then it hit me duhhh... where have I ever seen 3 white bunnies in the wild

  3. gorgeous garden Barb.xx

  4. Every year we plant 4 courgette - as we call them - plants in anticipation that at least one will fail! Usually they all take and we have courgettes for the village. This year is no different, in fact it has been so cool and wet and we have even more of an abundance. Enjoys yours. xx

  5. Beautiful garden. Good luck with the zucchinis... I love your beautiful stalker xx

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely day in the garden with that cutie Basil. :) Hubby planted a garden this year, but no zucchini plants. :( Do you ever batter and fry the zucchini flowers? They're so yummy. xo