Thursday, February 6, 2014

Out of the closet!!!!

I was having trouble matching cushions with the color scheme of my couch
a few years ago so I decided to make my own.
I found a likely pattern in a craft magazine,
lamented for months over the materials to use,
and eventually got to stitching and sewing!
Wouldn't you know it, I made 4 cushions, and then decided when I finished them........
I don't like that!!!!!!!!! They don't go!!!!!!!! Damn!
Stuff them in the wardrobe :(   Maybe I can give them away????

There they hid for over a year when I go to take this photo to show you and hey!!
I've got a new couch now, and they look good there!!!
So now they have a place to shine.....FINALLY!!!!

Also, check out my "Things I have made" page. 
I have added some stories there also!!


  1. love these cushions Barb,well done.xx

  2. Gorgeous cushions Barb. Love thdm. Hugs, xx.

  3. Those are really lovely - I wish I could stitch like you.Those cushions really deserve to be admired! :D

  4. Hello Barb and welcome to Blogland! I have come here from Heathers blog...
    The cushions finally have a home, good for them... and good that you didn't get rid of them after all your beautiful stitching of them...
    bye for now, Anthea