Saturday, March 8, 2014

Friday Night With Friends :)

I am almost finished my Bramfield Manor stitchery by Gail Pan!!!
Have decided to use tiny chain stitch on all of the boarders.
I also have to decide what message to stitch in the gap above the house.
Gail used the alphabet, but I was thinking of something else.
Hope Gail doesn't mind that I have changed the pattern a bit!!!

I also enjoyed a yummy salad with some left over lemon pepper steak.

And for desert........
Does anyone remember this stuff??????

Mum used to make it when we were kids.
I always loved it!!!!
Some people call it tapioca, some call it sago pudding.
Either way it's got a lovely sticky bouncy texture.
I like mine sweet.

Hope you all had fun too!!
Barb :)


  1. Love the stitching Barb and although I like tapioca, I think I love rice pudding better.....mmm...must make some today! Thanks for stitching with me.

  2. I always change what I'm stitching a little, I find that it makes what you are making a little more personal. I love tapioca, we use to have that all the time when I was little.

  3. Lovely stitching. Gail has nice patterns.

  4. Lovely stitching Barb...such pretty blue thread.

  5. Hi Barb - great to see you are blogging along happily!
    The Gail stitching is so pretty, the thread is lovely too... I am sure that Gail would not mind a bit if you change something...
    And yes I do remember the Sago Pudd... I make it regularly and my whole family love it... YUM!
    Lovely FNWF work!

  6. Your stitchery looks pretty, Haven't had sago pudding in ages. Hugs,xx

  7. oooh yummy!!!! both the stitchery and the sago pudding....oh and they healthy stuff as well!!!! hee hee......I just know Gail won't mind you adding your own personal touches to it...she'd be chuffed! xox