Wednesday, March 5, 2014

YAY!!!! My threads have arrived!!!

In 2011 (I think??), I went to a stitching day in Cairns
with my Mum (Crafter in Crime - he he he).
We had a wonderful time, and met some other lovely ladies!
Lovely projects, lovely company, lovely scenery, AND lovely food!!
We have since been waiting for them to do another one.

In our goodies bag was this project by Gail Pan, and I loved it immediately!!
I went straight over to the thread display and chose this
gorgeous variegated thread by "Cottage Garden Threads".
It's called Peacock - number 1201.

The more I used it the more I loved it!!!
I then started to worry that I had only bought 1 skein!!
(That's all they had)
So I immediately stopped doing the project in case I couldn't get more,
I'm not sure why. I think I was scared to use it all up???
Just recently I was digging in a bag looking for something else
when I came across it and fell in love again.
The first thing I did was order another 4 skeins (wont catch me twice!!).
I don't know why I thought I needed 4, but that made me happy.
Thankfully, Erica Dekker from Under The Mulberry Tree  was able to oblige me, 
and now I'm off and stitching again!!
Not sure what to make of it yet, maybe a bag?, maybe something for a picture frame?

What would you do with it???

Hugs n Kisses


  1. its a beautiful colour barb,so glad you found some more.xx

  2. I love variegated threads, and that one is sooo pretty. I'm happy you were able to find more. That stitchery is just adorable! xo

  3. Such a gorgeous thread colour. Love the stitchery. Hugs.xx

  4. Oh it IS a gorgeous colour of thread! It's such a sweet stitchery too so I know you will find THE perfect project for be patient. ... perhaps a bag. :)

  5. If you ended up with too much Barb, I know just where you can 'offload' it!!!! LOL I like the idea of a bag too! xox