Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Inspiration

I spent many a year renting and moving around Townsville,
and have always dreamt of hanging beautiful and inspiring pictures on my walls.
Even though I wasn't allowed to hang any,
I still collected a few for that far off idea of  "one day".

The funny thing is that I have owned my own house
for about 5 years now and I just can't seem to put one up!!!!!
It almost feels wrong to do it!!!
I just have to remember that here, I'M the landlord!!!!!

As mentioned in my profile, I started my craft journey with Folk-art Painting.
Many things I did as gifts, that I gave away without taking a photo of.
But I always wanted a little something for me that I could have out.
I have always had plans to do something big, but feel nervous about starting.
So, I tested the water with a miniature (7" x 5").
I have it on my computer desk, and gaze at it often.

I have always loved flowers,
and my Mum loves ginger jars.
So here we are, represented in a picture, together forever.
Love you Mum.

How did you start your craft journey??
I would love to know!!!
Barb :)


  1. Love the meaning behind the beautiful picture.

  2. My craft journey started with a pair of knitting needles and a ball of string.
    Growing up without money to spare did not deter my mum from teaching us
    to do crafts. We had fun learning this wonderful craft that has to this day
    been a big part of my life. We were shown many crafts but this is my addiction.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. such a cute picture.. cant really say when I started crafting and sewing. seem to have done some sort of craft forever.....

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL little painting!

    Oh gosh...I can't remember how I started off. Drawing I guess, then embroidery, then doll making, then beading...and so on and so on :)... xoxo

  5. You appear to be one talent lady!!!
    Go on... hang one of YOUR creations on the wall for all to see and admire! :)
    Started sewing at school then didn't do any until I had children... stopped again for years...then in the last few years I've found quilting and therefore my love of applique.
    Thanks for asking... :)

  6. What a thought-provoking post, Barb... it's amazing how each of us starts with one or two things we love to make, then branch out or change those loves all together to something different.
    My Mum's Mum was a tailor and I spent many a happy time trawling through her scraps, tins, & buttons... when I was in my early teens, I sewed basic clothes for myself & for friends & was taught to cross stitch in 1994 when I was pregnant with my twins... it's been a twisty turny journey for me & my crafting!! x